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Our Promises

We're Different. 

That's Cool. 

Anti- Harassment, Anti- Hate 

We believe everyone should  be treated with kindness, dignity and respect regardless of their skin color, sex, orientation, religion, mental health, body size, or abilities. We have a zero tolerance policy meaning that any discrimination or hate speech will lead to immediate termination of an employee and refusal of service to a patron. 


No ‘Nail Salon Smell’

Because we don’t use smelly monomer, the liquid part of the acrylic system often we do not have a ‘nail salon smell’. We think that it is important that all customers feel comfortable in our studio, even those who might be sensitive to smells. 


Natural Nail Commitment 

At Flora Nail Studio your natural nails will never be sacrificed because we believe your natural nails are the most important part of a nail service! We promise to educate you on natural nail techniques, help you grow out your natural nails, and help you learn how to better take care of them, even when you’re not at the salon. 


8+ Chemical Free  

We only use products that are free from ethyl tosylamide, xylene, Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde, Toluene, formaldehyde resin, camphor, or animal by-products. We have a strong commitment to the health of our clients and we believe that it starts with the products we use. 

Environmental Policy 

Our future depends on our environmental impact now. So we do not take being green lightly. As a salon there are certain things that we are required to only use once but we reduce our impact by making those items as small as possible and using stainless steel metal file with single use stick-on abrasive pads instead of tossing the whole tool.  We also pay for all of our enamel nail polishes to be recycled properly, an additional fee that most salons simply do not care about. We promise to continuously work to make our salon more green.

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